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Plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine clinic

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Dr. Camilo Consuegra

Medical Director 

Why choose us?

Our experience has allowed us continuous improvement, working with transparency, ethics, honesty, trust and empathy, understanding the needs and demands of our patients and thus achieving wide satisfaction, achievements allowed thanks to Dr. Camilo Consuegra who, as a founding partner, works currently as scientific medical director.

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We prefer our patients to speak for us...
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yeisi cardona

Vaser Liposculpture

Hello good afternoon, my name is Yeisi I had surgery 4 months ago at the Sensus clinic, I am delighted with my result, and with the 
excellent care. Thank you very much 😊

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johanna gomez

Mammoplasty, minilipectomy, abdominal marking and double chin lipo

Hello, my name is Johanna, I took the decision to have some surgeries, I was looking for various options and among them I found Dr. Camilo Consuegra at the SENSUS clinic. I attended my assessment and I made the  decision to have surgery, I underwent enlargement mammoplasty, minilipectomy, abdominal marking and double chin lipo... I have been postoperative for 15 days and I feel regal , the doctor fulfilled my expectations, his team work and recovery have been Super and in just a few days you can notice results and I am delighted. ..

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Sebastian Sanchez

Bichectomy and Double Chin Lipo

In 2019 I had the opportunity to have a Bichectomy and Lipopopada at the Sensus Clinic with Doctor Camilo and having done it was a before and after for my self-esteem, being able to see myself in the mirror with the face I always dreamed of, without so many cheeks and without a double chin, it was one of the best investments that one can make to feel good about oneself, the process was always accompanied by the doctor, with all the necessary recommendations to heal and advance in recovery, the postoperative periods were very simple, bearable, and the surgery itself was not It's complicated as I always saw it, that's why I loved having made the decision, now I'm thinking of doing more arrangements... :D

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Yeimy Arenas


I lasted a long time saving for my breast surgery, when they recommended me to the doctor in the assessment, he gave me the necessary confidence to put myself in his hands, there was always clarity and accompaniment in my surgery, everyone was very attentive to me in my recovery, they were so Satisfactory results that I have already done some other little things, and I have recommended to various family and friends.

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