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Medical tourism in Colombia

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Clínica Sensus is a health provider institution, which ensures the comprehensive care of its patients, which is why it provides packages and all the guidance to come to Colombia for plastic surgery, aesthetic medical and/or dental treatment.

Our packages and guides are designed to accompany the patient, providing transparency, honesty, quality, safety, personalization in each patient, so that once they decide to fulfill their dream, it is a successful experience.

Who can apply?

Any foreign patient or patient residing outside of Bogotá, who allows us to be part of that dream of transforming their lives.

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What do the packages include?
  • Comprehensive patient advice, the patient has a human and professional team to resolve their doubts and provide continuous support. With us you will never feel alone and misplaced.

  • Airport transfers – Accommodation – Airport.

  • Lodging – Lodging (duration according to procedure).

  • Complete Eating Plan, according to the instructions of the surgeon and your medical and wellness team.

  • Wi-Fi service.

  • TV service.

  • Transfers Clinic – Accommodation, the necessary transfers will be made (assessment, surgery, controls)

  • Laundry service.

  • Previous assessment and face-to-face assessment.

  • Pre-anesthetic consultation.

  • Policy

  • Fees for plastic surgeons, anesthesiologists and the entire medical and health team.

  • Comprehensive postoperative treatment (physical therapy).

  • 1 Post-surgical girdle (if applicable, depends on surgery).

  • 1 bra or post-surgical bra (if applicable, depends on surgery).

  • Table and post-surgical foam.

  • Basic Medications (Antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, analgesics, anticoagulants.).

  • Nursing Care Service 24 hours.

  • Post-surgical diapers.

  • anti-embolic stockings

  • unlimited controls

  • Direct contact with the surgeon 24/7

Frequent doubts

What security can I have when traveling to Colombia to have surgery?

Clínica Sensus is a health provider entity, duly authorized by the Bogota District Health Secretary. We are an IPS that complies with all applicable regulations. It should be noted that you are not only receiving a team of a doctor, you are received by a human and health team from a clinic which they can verify from anywhere in the world.

How long do I have to stay in Bogotá?

It must be taken into account the time that must remain before the date of surgery (minimum 72 hours from arrival in Bogotá), the surgical time, the surgery or procedure to be performed. Times may vary according to the patient and their procedure. The adviser, after knowing your quote, and the procedure to be carried out, and after the previous assessment, will give you all the details.

Will I spend more money because I am a foreigner and do not know the currency?

Our policy is honesty, and although there may be unforeseeable expenses, our advice will provide some values in your currency and the exchange rate for Colombian pesos. When you arrive in Bogotá you will know how much you will spend and for what, by having the greatest clarity the experience will be optimal both for us as a clinic, and for you as patients.

How can I pay for my procedure?

We have several subscription and payment channels, which have their specific characteristics, and will be provided according to what is most practical and comfortable for the patient, among them we have: transfer to a bank account in the name of the clinic, shipments by Wester Union , payment by web page (, PSE, national and international debit and credit cards, payment in cash both in the denomination handled by the patient and in Colombian pesos.

How do I know that I am suitable for surgery?

Medical examinations must be done at your place of residence at least 15 days before arrival in the country and must be sent to be reviewed by surgeons and anesthesiologists, they will give us the green light to perform the procedure.

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