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Dental Aesthetics and
Smile Design

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Currently, having a good smile is synonymous with health and social well-being.


More and more patients are concerned about having not only a healthy mouth, but also a beautiful smile. How can you improve the appearance of your teeth? If you are not satisfied with the appearance of your teeth, at Sensus Clinic we can help you. Discover our range of treatments indicated to improve and strengthen your smile.

Teeth whitening

In just 1 hour and less Sensitivity

If your teeth have been acquiring a yellowish coloration over the years, you can recover their whiteness thanks to our treatments. Our full arch cold light system acts on a special gel to restore a much more aesthetic and healthy appearance to your teeth.

Our treatment does not imply wear or any pain. Just one hour of treatment and you will begin to see results

Porcelain veneers

If you don't feel comfortable with the appearance and shape of your most visible teeth, either because of their shape, color or distribution, the solution is found in our porcelain veneers. 

These simple and comfortable sheets adhere to the tooth surface substantially improving the appearance of your teeth, nOr you will have the sensation of carrying a foreign object since they integrate perfectly with the bite and their semi-permanent adhesion allows them to be used for several years before replacing them with new ones.

Dental prostheses

Thanks to current techniques, mouths can now be rehabilitated with the total absence of teeth. And recover comfort, the smile, and of course the fact of feeling safe and comfortable with oneself. 

Fixed dental prosthesis:

If you are missing all the dental pieces, you can choose a permanent solution through a fixed dental prosthesis. What do we do when you come to Clínica Sensus?

The first thing we do is take x-rays of the teeth that allow us to analyze the state of the roots and to establish adiagnosis accurate, and therefore an excellent treatment plan, after that dental carving begins on the abutment teeth,  take definitive impressions to make theprosthesis of the missing teeth supported on healthy dental roots and bylast we discussed the same in the patient achieving comfort.

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