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Financing - agreements


SENSUS Clinic in alliance with Medicredit, brings you benefits that you will not find anywhere:

  • -Financing up to 100% of the value of your surgery

  • -Agility in the study of your credit (maximum 2 business days).

  • -Does not require a co-debtor, or real estate.

  • -Simple documentation for the study of your credit:

    • Completed Customer Knowledge Form with authorization to review Risk Centers

    • ​​Photocopy of the Citizenship Certificate.

    • Income Statement. In case of not declaring income, we request the Income and Withholding Certificate for Employees Natural Persons and current labor certificate.

  • - The possibility that the request can be submitted by a third person, be it a family member or friend.

  • -Quick disbursement.


We find a financial solution for you that offers the possibility of easy, safe and fast access to aesthetic and surgical medical services and procedures.

Financing with competitive interest rates and terms of up to 18 months.

Ask us! We have agents who personally answer all your questions!

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Financiación de procedimientos médicos simple y en minutos

Pacientes en todo Colombia confían en Welli para financiar sus procedimientos de salud

¿Cómo funciona Welli?

  1. Aplica a un crédito desde tu celular

  2. Escoge la tasa y el plazo que mejor se ajuste a tu presupuesto

  3. Recibe aprobación en minutos

  4. Tu especialista recibe los recursos en su cuenta bancaria y tu recibes el tratamiento

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We have alliances with financial entities, which help us expedite the processing of your loans.

We have benefits for Public Officials

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