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About us

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About us?

The Sensus IPS Clinic Medical Center is a first-rate health care provider institution, specialized in Outpatient Consultation in Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, General Medicine, Dentistry, Facial and Body Aesthetics, duly authorized by the Bogotá District Health Secretary, with specialized, suitable, qualified personnel with a human commitment to provide a quality service to our patients.


We are an IPS oriented to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of our patients, which has suitable and committed professionals, who work continuously with efficiency, responsibility and human warmth.

Understanding the patient, their objectives, their expectations and always giving their best at a professional and human level, once they make the decision to become part of our Sensus community.


To be by 2025 a leading health institution in comprehensive, humanized and quality care for its patients, being a national and international benchmark, always at the forefront of techniques, technologies and products to achieve the best results and the greatest satisfaction of our patients.

Being an IPS with constant growth at the level of human talent, infrastructure, procedures, enabling new services and specialties, strategic alliances with a view to always achieving the best possible results and satisfaction.

Corporate principles and values

SAFETY: Prevent and/or minimize the risk of occurrence of adverse healthcare events, accidents at work, internal and/or external emergencies and other events that affect people, processes, image, infrastructure, technology, endowment, work environments and the environment.

HONESTY: Human quality that consists of behaving and expressing oneself with coherence and sincerity, in accordance with the values of truth and justice.

RESPONSIBILITY: Being able to respond, correspond to a requirement with opportunity, seriousness and prudence, aware of the effects of compliance or non-compliance with what is entrusted.

RESPECT: Recognizes the dignity and autonomy of each human being and accepts the right to be different.

SOLIDARITY: Feeling of compassion or empathy that leads to connect with the reality of the other, understand and respond to their needs.

COMMITMENT: Ability to become aware of the importance of complying with it within the stipulated time for it.

QUALITY: Set of properties and characteristics of a product or service that give it the ability to satisfy needs.

SERVICE: Attitude of help, delivery, warmth, promptness to identify and respond to the needs of our patients in the physical, moral, spiritual and social context.

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Clínica Sensus IPS is an institution constituted by Dr. Camilo Consuegra and the lawyer Laura Duque, who after their experience in the health sector and knowing its shortcomings, decided to create a clinic that would care fully for its patients, providing a quality service.

Later, it was building strategic alliances with different specialists and businessmen that allowed it to grow without abandoning its principles, and to have a high degree of satisfaction for our patients.

The growth has been notorious in these years of experience and we attribute it to understanding our patients, to constant monitoring (before, during and after), we are always ready to answer any questions and solve any eventuality as soon as possible. Always thinking first of the patient's well-being.

Our facilities

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