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Don't give up a perfect smile!Your smile design starts here.

Thanks to orthodontics you will be able to show off a perfect and enviable smile. At Clínica Sensus we can offer you from the traditional basic metallic orthodontic solution to the latest aesthetic orthodontic treatments, with which hardly anyone will notice that you are wearing it.

We have different orthodontic techniques. You can choose the one that best suits you.

Metal brackets

The fastest treatment. Thanks to metal brackets you will be able to align your teeth in the shortest possible time and with excellent results.

Ceramic brackets

They adapt to the color of the tooth, achieving a very aesthetic effect. The relocation time will be a little longer than metal brackets, but the results are just as excellent.

Sapphire Brackets

Made from pure monocrystalline sapphire, which helps keep your teeth flawless.

Invisible braces

They are transparent and removable splints that the patient can take off and put on to eat and brush their teeth. These splints, made to measure for each patient, replace other orthodontic systems and the treatment is indicated for those people who, for occupational or aesthetic reasons, do not want to use other orthodontic methods. Consult without obligation to find out if this type of orthodontics is for you.

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