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Medical tourism in Colombia

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Sensus Clinic is health care institution that provides comprehensive care for its patients. We provide packages and all the guidance to come to Colombia to undergo plastic surgery, aesthetic and/or dental medical treatment.

Our packages and guides are designed to personally accompany the patient, providing transparency, honesty, quality and safety, so that fulfilling your dream can be a successful pleasant experience.

Who can apply?
Médico y paciente

Every foreign patient, or Colombian patient living outside of Bogotá, and who is willing to let us be part of the dream to transform their lives.

Packages include?
  • Comprehensive counseling to the patient. The patient has a human and professional team to answer any questions and monitor continuously. With us you will never feel alone or out of place.

  • Transfers: Airport - Accommodation - Airport.

  • Accommodation (duration according to procedure).

  • Complete Meal Plan, according to the instructions given by the surgeon and your medical and wellness team.

  • Wi-Fi service.

  • TV Service.

  • Clinic Transfers - Accommodation, the necessary transfers will be made (assessment, surgery, control visits)

  • Laundry service.

  • Prior assessment and face-to-face assessment.

  • Pre-anesthetic consultation.

  • Policies

  • Payments for the plastic surgeons, anesthesiologists and all the medical and health team.

  • Comprehensive postoperative treatment (physical therapy).

  • 1 Post-surgical girdle (if applicable, depends on procedure).

  • 1 bra or post-surgical bra (if applicable, depends on procedure).

  • Post-surgical foam sheets.

  • Basic Medications (Antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, analgesics, anticoagulants).

  • 24-hour Nursing Care Service.

  • Post-surgical diapers.

  • Anti-embolic stockings

  • Unlimited control appointments[L1] 

  • Direct contact with the surgeon 24/7


What guarantees do I have when traveling to Colombia for my procedure?

Sensus Clinic is a health provider entity, duly authorized by the Bogota's Secretary of Health. We are an IPS (Heath Provider Institution, by its acronym in Spanish) that complies with all applicable regulations. This is not only a doctor, you will be welcomed by a whole team of humane professionals working for the clinic, and you can check their credentials from anywhere in the world.  

How long should I stay in Bogota?

You must take into account the time that you must stay before the surgery date (minimum 72 hours after arrival in Bogotá), the surgical time, the surgery or procedure to be performed. Times may vary according to the patient and procedure. After the financial aspects are cleared out, the procedure to be carried out is confirmed and after the previous evaluation, our team will give you all the details.

Since I am a foreigner and do not know the currency, will I spend more money?

Our first policy is honesty, and although there may be unforeseeable expenses, our advisor will provide all expenses in your currency and, also, at the exchange rate to Colombian pesos. By the time you arrive in Bogota you will know exactly how much and where your money is going. Having everything clear will make the experience optimal both for us as a clinic, and for you as a patient.

How can I pay for my procedure?

We have several subscription and payment methods, which have their specific characteristics, and will be provided according to what is most practical and comfortable for the patient, for example:

Bank transfer to an account under the name of the clinic, Wester Union invoice, payment through our website (, PSE (direct debit, system available in Colombia for online purchases), national and international debit and credit cards, Payment in cash both in the patient's currency and in Colombian pesos.

How do I know if I am suitable for surgery?

You must undergo medical exams at least 15 days before the procedure in your home country. You will, then, send the results to our surgeons and anesthesiologists for review, They will give us the Green light to perform the surgery/procedure. 

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