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What is it?

It is an ambulatory surgical procedure that consists of extracting body fat through specially designed cannulas that are connected to negative pressure equipment.

This procedure is required in both women and men. It can be done in the same surgery liposuction of upper, middle, lower abdomen,abdominal marking , high, medium, low back, sides, definition of waist, hips, arms and crotch, and also, it is preferred to use the fat that is extracted to define and give volume to the buttocks and / or hips, through thelipoinjection.


In men, pectoral definition can also be performed in this same procedure

Before the surgery

It is decided to perform a liposculpture, by:  


  • Correct localized or generalized fat accumulation.  

  • You are not satisfied with the shape of your body.

  • It does not have a marked flaccidity, which requires another type of procedure.

  • Improve self-esteem, with the definition of a harmonious and slim body.


A face-to-face assessment must be carried out directly with the specialist, and the surgical plan determined according to the results to be obtained. Remember that each specific case is totally different.


It can be done traditionally or assisted with some technology such as laser, vaser, microair or J-plasma. With the study of the specific case, and, ensuring the benefit of the patient, it is decided what type of technology to use. The advantage of using technological assistance helps to have a low risk of bleeding, less postoperative pain and burning sensation, less inflammation and edema, less ecchymosis, less recovery time and no visible irregularities.

Mujeres en ropa interior negra
During surgery

This surgery can last between 1 to 2 hours and is performed under general anesthesia.


The fat is suctioned from all the agreed areas and then the fat is prepared to be injected into the buttocks and/or hips and/or other areas that have been agreed with the surgeon in the assessment. 

After surgery

After surgery

It generates a disability of 4 to 8 days, you must follow all the post-surgical recommendations to obtain optimal results.


Although this procedure is not to lose weight, it can be achieved indirectly, but it has to be a decision in conjunction with a change in eating habits and an exercise program, to maintain the results over time.


NOTE:You may require another procedure if your overweight is more than 7 kilos or if you have flaccidity in the abdomen, in these cases, you can opt for aLipoabdominoplasty or Lipectomy.

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