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Mini Tummy Tuck

What is it?

It is an outpatient surgical procedure that consists of removing the minimal or moderate excess of suprapubic skin together with liposuction techniques, leaving a smaller scar than in traditional abdominoplasty.

Before the surgery

It is decided to perform a mini tummy tuck, by:  


  • Correct accumulation of specific fats in conjunction with minimal or moderate flaccidity in the abdomen.

  • You are not satisfied with the shape of your body.

  • Has minimal to moderate flaccidity.

  • improve self esteem


Face-to-face assessment must be carried out directly with the specialist, and determine the results that you want to obtain, remember that each specific case is totally different, each person will obtain a different result.

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During surgery

This surgery can last between 1 to 3 hours and is performed under general anesthesia.


Excess skin is removed (minimum or moderate, liposuction is performed in areas such as the upper, middle, lower back, sides, arms, crotch and waist definition, finally it is sutured maintaining the place of the navel, leaving a small scar on the the lower part of the abdomen, which is totally coverable with bathing suits, and/or underwear.

After surgery

It generates a disability of 8 to 15 days, you must follow all the post-surgical recommendations to obtain optimal results.


Although this procedure is not to lose weight, it can be achieved indirectly, but it has to be a decision in conjunction with a change in eating habits and an exercise program, to maintain the results over time.


NOTE:You may require another procedure if your flaccidity in the abdomen is very marked, in these cases, you can opt for aLipo-abdominoplasty.

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