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What is it?

It is an outpatient surgical procedure that consists of increasing the size of the buttocks and/or hips, with the fat that is extracted from the same patient.


It consists of making aLIPOSCULPTUREILIPOABDOMINOPLASTY y the extracted fat is prepared and injected into the buttocks or hips, giving projection and harmony to the body contour.


This procedure is required in both women and men who want to improve the buttocks and/or hips.

Before the surgery

It was decided to perform a gluteal and/or hip lipoinjection, by:  


  • Increase and define the buttocks

  • Give harmony to the body with lipoinjection in the hips.

  • Get “guitar body” or “curvy body” results

  • You are not satisfied with the shape of your body.

  • Improve self-esteem, with the definition of the gluteus and/or hips


Face-to-face assessment must be carried out directly with the specialist, and determine the results that you want to obtain, remember that each specific case is totally different, each person will obtain a different result.

During surgery

This surgery can last between 1 to 2 hours and is performed under general or spinal anesthesia.


The fat is suctioned from all agreed areas and then the fat is prepared to be injected into the buttocks and/or hips, leaving almost imperceptible scars.

After surgery

It generates a disability of 4 to 8 days, you must follow all the post-surgical recommendations to obtain optimal results.


NOTE:It should always be accompanied by a fat extraction, in case you want to work only the buttock augmentation, you should perform agluteoplasty(buttock augmentation with implants).

The only procedures that serve to give volume to the buttocks is Gluteal Lipoinjection orgluteoplasty, do not let yourself inject any other substance into the buttocks, it can be harmful.

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